The Passion

Physical therapy chose me.

As an active kid running track, dancing jazz hip hop tap, cheerleading at school and traveling...I've experienced aches, pains, and injuries. The game changer in my athletics was when an alternative to rest, ice, and braces was presented. Well-intending doctors suggested those classic options, missing the point that bulky bracing or sitting out were not viable options. A PT couple, husband and wife practice owners, were the first to suggest my complaints were from overuse and compensation patterns. They offered relief by adding strengthening and active stretching to my routine. Cue the beginning of my fascination with the PT field and the beginning of my career as a high school intern. Since then I have had the opportunity to observe and absorb knowledge from dozens of skilled therapists. 

After graduation.

Following graduation, I worked under mentorship of a Stony Brook Alumni at a non-traditional physical therapy set up. At this location I worked with both the post-surgical patients that you would normally classify as needing PT services, and also with the healthy athletic population. As I took over the lead role in this company and became partner in the second location, I found that clients looking for me and referring their friends were non-traditional PT candidates. These individuals are the class-pass addicts, the ultra-marathon runners, the crossfit community, the rock climbers; basically people who are exercising 5-7 days/week. The marketing executive who needs that pre-dinner run to work out the stress of the day. 

I am a movement expert.

A physical therapist is a movement expert, not only someone who massages to reduce pain. I don’t do all of these activities personally, but I have attended a host of fitness classes with my patients so I can feel what they feel. I need to fully understand what they’re doing and how I can assist them.

How many doctors come to 5am kettlebell class with you?

We're in this together.