The House of Physical Therapy mission is to provide healthcare services that facilitate pain free movement, enhance the lives of patients, and educate the public in how to use exercise as medicine

Stephanie has made a promise to herself and her patients to live through experience. This project is meant to provide a deeper understanding of each patient's needs from therapy and goals to be accomplished. In addition to the continuing education courses that teach the clinical skills, she is learning the real life needs of each person. Your membership to the gym is on hold? Let's figure out exactly what you need to start up again. 

Each month Stephanie is trying a new class or workout suggested by patients. This is the best way to feel the movement herself and learn the requirements of her patients when they return to exercise. She has attended HIIT, spin, barre, kettlebell, and boxing classes of studios her patients are members of. She also has created partnerships with local studios to offer modified versions of their traditional classes. This lets us do a test-run before jumping back in full swing. At discharge, she loves to go to the patient's first class together as a graduation celebration. What's better than learning new moves while having fun? 

Have a suggestion for next month's class? Tell Stephanie.

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