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Hi! Great to hear from you! Thanks for checking in! I hiked 60 miles in a week with zero pain. After that, I climbed for a week on some really beautiful cliffs over the sea, with no falls or injuries. :) I'm attaching a cool photo!

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me this summer and making sure that I fully recovered. And please pass along my thanks to Fernando, Steve, Bethany, Jen, and the rest of your amazing team!




I resumed Pilates classes, walked up and down the hill-mountain 2-3 times a day and swam in the glorious sea daily. We went on a weeklong excursion to two other islands (Milos and Sifnos).



I’ll bother you again with my thanks.

Your guidance with the position of my shoulders and hands and strengthening the arms was right on the spot and I am back to wheel, this time without hurting myself. Thank you!!



I been working with Dr Shane for about 2yrs now. I started seeing her when I fractured my tibial plateau in my left knee.

My treatment plan recommended by the Ortho was initially was to "stay off it and let it heal on its own" she worked with me to maintain strength in my left leg while also helping with the pain. Fast forward a year later, I had to have surgery because it didn't "heal on its own." Post surgery she made sure we worked on preventing muscle atrophy during my 8 weeks of total non weight bearing, we worked on range of motion and she helped tremendously with making sure the rest of my body was strong enough to support not using one leg. 
Today I'm at a 100% and we have progressed to training for a 5K! Something I never thought I'd be able to do again. 

That said, Im thankful I landed in her care and would absolutely recommend her for all physical therapy needs.



You win!
I tried thrusters today at a weight that would normally cause instant shoulder pain (115) and felt great. So I kept tossing the weight on the bar and went all the way to 155, still no pain! I didn’t go heavier but I bet my shoulder would hold.
Amazing! Now I just need to get this flexibility every day.


'sweat with kayla' ENTHUSIAST

She was wonderful. Really felt like she took a good look at what could be wrong with me. Gave me some exercises to do and also wants to make sure my form is right in the workouts I am doing to ensure that is not doing more harm than good!

 Photo by Pawel Gaul/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Pawel Gaul/iStock / Getty Images

soccer player

Dr. Shane is the best! I'm usually hesitant to write reviews for services that I love in fear that it'll make it harder to get an appointment. But I've noticed a huge difference from when I first saw Dr. Shane until now. She will tailor every visit based on how you're feeling/progressing and then give you exercises to do at home. I couldn't go to the gym for months prior to seeing her and now I'm starting to get back to my routine thanks to Dr. Shane. She really knows what she's doing and will make you feel comfortable right away. 

Dr. Jillian helped my knee incredibly! I’m able to go back to all my normal activities.


She's helped my recover from De Quervain's tenosynovitis and I'm so grateful!

 Photo by espiegle/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by espiegle/iStock / Getty Images


This is the best PT I have ever been to. Its not just some hand work and then tiny workouts at home. They have me working out and on my muscles for a half hour and are also doing hand work to help my knee.

Beach workout


Home exercises on the beach 6 weeks post-op. Theraband attached to a sign

‘Happy Hour All Day’