SCW Fitness Mania NYC
to Feb 24

SCW Fitness Mania NYC

House of Physical Therapy pop up shop at SCW Fitness Mania NYC from Friday 2/22/19 to Sunday 2/24/19. As a boutique medical office in the East Village NYC, House of PT offers its services at one of the nation’s BIGGEST fitness conventions certifying hundreds of fitness instructors and personal trainers in one weekend.

Owner, Stephanie Shane, was invited to speak during the Rest & Recovery section Saturday night. Stephanie explained how important her connections with the local personal trainers and fitness studios is in her client’s recovery process. At House of PT we communicate in detail with our client’s current trainer or set them up with someone in our network to ensure a safe return to high level activity. Stephanie also demonstrated a common dynamic warm up that can be modified from a novice to advanced client.

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