Runner's Planks

Run Plank

Runner’s Planks 👟


Behind the scenes with a staple exercise prescribed to most of my marathon runners this season!


Purpose: Build stability for single limb stance, reduce the force through the lower leg, create stability through the pelvis. 🍑


Form: Knees bent ~60 degrees, elbow at chest line to start, hips facing forward. 


Execution: Push down through the elbow and bottom knee, pop open into a clam shell at the top, hold 1”. Slowly control the lower back to start position for max results! 


Reps: 3 sets of 12-15 reps. The goal is to build endurance for running so work up to higher reps before adding banded resistance around the knees! 💪🏼


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Stephanie Shane, PT, DPT

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