Run Training Session; Distance

Distance Run:⁣

▪️ Agility Warm-Up⁣

🔹 10 Miles Slow, Easy Pace⁣

▪️ Static Stretching⁣ Cool-Down

run distance train

During a long, slow distance run, your goal is to stay at a comfortable “conversation” pace. These runs are the basis of your training as an endurance athlete. They help to improve the overall function of your cardiovascular system, improve oxygen transfer and utilization of oxygen by your skeletal muscles, increase your fat-burning capacity and improve your psychological health. 

⭐️Run happy, Run healthy!⁣⁣

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Run Happy, Run Healthy!✨⁣⁣


Natalie Niemczyk, PT, DPT

Running Technique Specialist

Runner, Triathlete

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