Run Training Session; Sprint

Hill Sprint Repeats: ⁣⁣

▪️Agility Warm-Up⁣⁣

🔸6 x 90 Second Sprints Uphill⁣⁣

🔸Easy Jog Back Downhill ⁣⁣

▪️Cool-Down: 10 Minute Walk + Static Stretching⁣⁣


NN running.jpg

Uphill repeats are how we can target all muscle fiber types: slow twitch, intermediate and fast twitch fibers. As a runner, you want to recruit fibers of each type to enhance performance and improve recovery. Downhill jogging requires eccentric use of our muscles which helps to improve strength.


⭐️Run happy, Run healthy!⁣⁣

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Run Happy, Run Healthy!✨⁣⁣


Natalie Niemczyk, PT, DPT

Running Technique Specialist

Runner, Triathlete

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