As the saying goes, “Everything happens for a reason . . .”

At the time I did not think anything worthwhile or meaningful would come from such a trauma. But as fate would have it, my future would become clear leading me to where I am today. 

In high school, before the first game of my varsity soccer season, I tore my ACL in my left knee.  It was a partial tear, so surgery wasn’t needed, but I attended physical therapy for several months. 

Prior to this injury, I had no idea what I wanted my major to be in college.  I had the usual pressure of my parents and guidance counselor to figure it out and pick a college to attend in the near future.  This injury was unfortunate in that I never set foot onto the soccer field my senior year of high school, but it exposed me to the wonderful world of physical therapy which sparked an overwhelming calling into this field. After rehabbing my knee, I was confident I wanted to help others ultimately as a physical therapist. 

In college, I continued to major in Exercise and Sport Science and worked part-time as an aide in an outpatient/aquatic physical therapy facility and also as a first responder in our athletic training room. The latter ultimately leading to working every game with the Ursinus College football team my Junior and Senior year of college.

By the time I graduated from college, I was certain this profession was meant for me.  I loved learning about the human body - the complexities of physiology, analyzing movement patterns, the way the body heals… I’m still amazed by what we all are capable of overcoming, and take joy in facilitating those realizations for others.

To further my belief that I am serving my purpose in life, I went on to meet my husband in physical therapy school.   We have pushed each other to be the best practitioners throughout our years together.  It’s great to always have a friend when attending continuing education courses too!  He’s also my best friend and adventure partner along with our fluffy, adorable goodendoodle, Daisy.

We all love traveling, staying active and being outside, even if it is just to throw a frisbee with our energetic puppy.  As a hypoallergenic easy going dog, Daisy loves coming to the office and motivating our patients with her yoga poses. 

Daisy and I look forward to working with you! ~ Dr. Jillian